Aqueous solutions

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Specific Ion Interaction Theory (SIT) To correct stability constants for changes in ionic strength and to estimate SIT parameters. Contains an editable database of published SIT parameters.
Also to inter-convert :
Molarities (c) and Molalities (m)
lg K(c) and lg K(m).
electrolytes Electrolytes:To calculate electrolyte activity coefficients, osmotic coefficients and activity of water using Pitzer and the Lin-Tseng-Lee equations. Also calculate ionic activity coefficients using the Millero-Pitzer method.
ab Acid-base equilibria To calculate acid-base equilibria in electrolyte solutions and seawater. To also calculate H+ activity coefficients for pH correction in different ionic media.The concept of apparent equilbrium constants is used to
calculate equilibrium constants of more than 260 mono and polycarboxylic acids with background ions

.O2 solubility in water, 22 electrolyte solutions, natural fluids and seawater as a function of temperature, concentration and salinity.

Temperature dependence of lg K using 8 thermodynamic equations. Full statistics are included.
  • Van't Hoff equation
  • Isobar equation
  • Extended Isobar equation
  • Clarke-Glew equation
  • Extended Clarke-Grew equation
  • DQUANT equation
  • Valentiner equation
  • Blandamer-Robertson-Scott equation


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