Stability Constants

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Stability Constant Computation Programs   Information

Hyperquad2013: potentiometric data



Applications: A selected bibliography of applications
HypSpec2014: spectrophotometric data (with or without pH )   D Development: How algorithms have developed
HypNMR HypNMR 2018: NMR chemical shift data (shifts averaged by virtue of fast exchange)   step by step Step by step: instructions for using Hyperquad, HypSpec and HypNMR (external web-site)
HypCal stability constants and enthalpies from calorimetric data   related

Related topics SC-Database, Soleq, useful links, other programs, kinetic data, databases, hardware

HySS HySS2009: Simulation of titration curves and production of speciation plots for publication. Freeware   history History: A chronological listing of developments in stability constant calculations

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Conference: International Symposium on Metal Complexes (ISMEC 2018) will be held in Florence, Italy, from 3rd to 7th June 2018

Glee GLEE: Determination of standard electrode potential by a Gran method


VLpH: Calibration of glass electrode for use at very low pH
Definitions and explanations (pdf document)
Carbonate impurity (pdf document) The effects of a cabonate impurity on titration curves
Soleq tutorials from Academic Software. These tutorials are prepared for use by middle and advanced level university undergraduates. They are intended for use either in individual study or in class teaching. They cover the principles of equilibrium in solution chemistry: acid-base reactions, oxidation and reduction, solubility and metal-ligand chemistry.,There are tutorials on both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. Each topic area includes examples relating to real systems: in biology, in soils and in natural waters.


Useful reference
  "Recommended procedure for testing the potentiometric apparatus and technique for the pH-metric measurement of metal-complex equilibrium constants",
A. Braibanti, G. Ostacoli, P. Paoletti, L. D. Pettit and S. Sammartano , Pure Appl. Chem., 1987, 59(12), 1721-1728. ( pdf available )


Explore the black boxes used for data fitting!
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